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only for you...

the view of life through the glasses of a feisty nerd

Luna Cossette
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Hi! I'm the KyuMin biased Luna who is an Asian Horror lover as long as there is no gore scenes included. XD You would see me writing tons of yaoi fanfics (mostly KyuMin because, as I said, I truly am BIASED XD) but I also write het fics, but most of it will come out in the future. I'm a PrimaCasS♥nELF-TriVIPWorld (fan of FT Isalnd, TVXQ!, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SS501, Big Bang, and SHINee), but Suju tops the list. I rant most of the time and keeps on spamming, and abuses the emoticon "XD"!If you are looking for ratings higher than PG-16 or M, then you're out of luck. I wont be writing any higher ratings for the summer until the end of the first part of our school year, which is around October. (of course unless my brain tells me so XD). AND just to let all of you know in advance, I wont be writing any smut until after a year or so. I'm not an "Only 13" or a member of "STAND" but I don't care about it if you are one, as long as you wouldn't leave provoking comments here. But most of all, I don't bite human beings, so feel free to enjoy the fanworks~ ^^ *hides a scythe*

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